The Secret to Success: Committing to Yourself

Jun 29, 2021

On a scale of 1 to 10, how important is keeping a doctor’s appointment for you?

How about an appointment with your kid’s teacher? A work meeting?

Ok, on a scale of 1 to 10, how important is it to keep an appointment with yourself? Don’t know what I mean? I’m talking about the time you put aside to work on your new content, or to do admin, or write an email sequence, or meditate, or exercise, or paint – get the idea?

Here’s the problem. While the answer to the first set of questions is probably 8-10, the value we often place on keeping a commitment to ourselves drops down to 3-5. Instead of respecting our own time, we end up saying things like "You know what? I don't need to do that I could do something else. This other thing has come up and it's really important." There could be an important fire that you need to put out, or there could be a 50% sale on Lululemon that you feel compelled to check out, either way, the work you had planned to do doesn’t get done. When this happens repeatedly, your business doesn’t move forward and you wonder why you feel like you’re running around in circles unmotivated, unfocused and frustrated. 

Today we’re going to do something different. We are going to commit to keeping appointments with ourselves and I guarantee that when you do this, you will see a significant difference in the success of your business and the quality of your life.

What happens when you don’t keep an appointment with yourself? Unconsciously, you start to see yourself as unreliable, flaky, and believe the narrative that you aren’t important and worthy of this time for you. Eventually, you start to view every goal or commitment you make for your improvement or business growth as optional.

That is why honouring you is so important! When you do honour yourself, it helps you feel strong, confident and boosts your productivity and happiness. It also allows you to get to do those wonderful and money generating things you planned!

This is what you need to remember:

Treat you like the wonderful human you are and value the commitments you make to yourself.

You deserve to see your dreams come true by working on whatever you have set aside time to do. This will boost your self-confidence and lead you towards the life you want to live. Your business, family and friends will all benefit as well!

Most importantly, you need to do this for yourself. You're not doing it for me, for your partner or for your kids. You are a serious, big-hearted entrepreneur that has worked hard to make your business a reality. To see it succeed, to see it thrive, you need to keep your commitments to yourself by getting your mind around the idea that you are as important as everyone else.

Here are 4 steps to make and keep a commitment to yourself:

  1. Schedule it in and make it real. I always say that if it isn’t in my calendar, then it doesn’t exist. Diarise your tasks.
  2. Block that time off. Don’t just write it into your calendar but look at when you have a solid hour or two hours to work on a specific task. If you can’t find the time, decide whether it’s a priority and move something else to accommodate it. Do this intentionally, not because an emergency has come up!
  3. Plan for and around it. If you were going to a doctor or external meeting, you would plan travel time, right? If you were doing a presentation, you would come prepared with slides and documents. Give yourself a time buffer to prepare for your task so you can get your best work done in the time you set aside.
  4. Apply the same rules as showing up to a work meeting or plans with a good friend. You wouldn’t let them down, would you? It’s time to treat yourself the same way!

Since I’m all about action, I’d like to take you through an exercise to put this into motion.

First, answer these 2 questions:

  • What is one thing you really love to do, but haven’t done in ages?
  • What’s the one task you could do tomorrow that will generate money for your business?

Then, look at your calendar for the next week and block out 2 hours:

  • Block out 1 hour for you (a hot bath with the door closed, a walk outside listening to your favourite podcast…)
  • Block out 1 hour for working ON your business (follow up calls, content creation, digital marketing plan…)

Lastly, make a commitment to yourself that you will keep both appointments that you just scheduled.

You are the most important part of this. Only you can make any of this happen.  Commit to yourself – you deserve it, and your business deserves it.

In the comments below, I ask you to share what you committed to doing and when you are going to do it. One hour for you and one hour for your business. You have this!

Committed to your success,


Marina x

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