Do you Self-Care?

Jan 10, 2021

How are your New Year Resolutions going?


My biggest one this year was self-care and so far, so good. At the end of last year, I got myself into a real state physically, mentally and emotionally by not practicing self-care and I wanted to do things differently this year. I know that people get really confused about what self-care is. In fact, one client recently asked, “Is it just manicures and massages?”😂

I wanted to share my answer with you today and challenge you to start practicing self-care too!


So firstly, what is self-care?

Self-care is any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health. Although it seems simple to action, it’s something we very often put to the bottom of our to do list. Instead, we should really make this a priority, because good self-care is key to improved mood and reduced anxiety. It’s also key to a good relationship with yourself and others.


What isn’t self-care?

Knowing what self-care is not might be even more important than knowing what it is! Firstly, it is not something that we force ourselves to do, or something we don’t enjoy doing. Secondly, it’s not a selfish act. Self-care is not only about considering our needs to know  what to do in order to take care of ourselves, but also considering what we need so that we can also be able to take care of others. As I tell my clients when we are working on the first Pillar P – Priorities in PowerSystem, you have to make yourself a priority in your own life first so that you are in a place not only to take care of yourself, but to be strong for the people you need to take care of and support as well.


Although self-care means different things to different people, I have created a 10 step Cheat Sheet to get you started. You can use it to remind you of these 10 tips:



Create a “no” list, with things you know you don’t like, or you no longer want to do. Some examples might include not checking emails at night, not going to events you don’t want to attend(including virtual ones) and not answering your phone during meal times.


Tip 2 - SLEEP

Make sure to get enough sleep – at least 7 hours each night.



Exercise, but remember to choose something you really enjoy.There are so many free classes and tutorials online, it's a great time to try something new either outside or inside! Try walking, dancing or pilates. It’s important to enjoy your active time as exercise impacts emotional as well as physical health by increasing serotonin levels that improve mood and energy.



Try to follow a nutritious, healthy diet. Especially try to eat more green vegetables. A top strategy is to fill half your plate with green veg for either lunch or dinner.



Stop putting off check-ups or visits to the doctor. You get your car serviced regularly, don’t you?



Use relaxation exercises and/or practice meditation. You can do these practices at any time of day and can start small. Even 5 minutes daily will make a huge difference.



Spend enough time with your loved ones. Prioritise this! I know this has been one of the greatest lockdown challenges, but get in touch over Zoom, Skype or FaceTime. If they live nearby, you can still go for a walk together - that will kill two birds with one stone!



Do at least one relaxing activity every day, whether it’s taking a walk , having a bath, reading a book or spending 30 minutes unwinding in a different way.



Do at least one activity every day that you really enjoy from going to the movies, to cooking or meeting up with friends. Netflix counts!


Tip 10 - Laugh

Look for opportunities to laugh!



Now that you know what to do for self-care, what's next?


Plan it out!

Self-care needs to be something you actively plan, rather than something that just happens. That means you need to take action!


My challenge to YOU:

Decide what your programme of self-care will be over the next two weeks, add it into your calendar and announce your plans to others in order to increase your commitment. You can start by letting me and my community know your plans on my Facebook Group, Female Entrepreneurs Craving Time and Financial Freedom. Accountability increases your chance of success by 90% so please do share with us!


Remember to download your Cheat Sheet now and start taking care of yourself today! Once again, here's the link:

Top 10 Tips for Self-Care Cheat Sheet


Committed to your success,


Marina x

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