Batch Like a Boss

Oct 18, 2021

Ready for a hard truth?

No one is going to buy from you if they don’t know you. Fact.

That is why consistency is so important. It is one of your greatest tools in building the know, like and trust factor – the magical state where fans become buyers. But here’s the thing:

While consistency is the key to getting results…it can be totally exhausting, right?

Let’s look at content creation for an example of how this can play out. In an ideal world, let’s assume you’re creating weekly content to nurture the relationships that you worked so hard to acquire while list building. You know that it’s the best way to convert leads into buyers. That means a weekly blog, video, live, podcast, etc. And a weekly newsletter leading people to consume this quality content. So far so good.

But, if you follow this approach, it can feel like all you are ever doing is producing content. As soon as you finish writing your blog, you think, “oh my God, now I have to write the next one” and then the newsletter and then the social media to support it. You know how important it is to be consistent, but it feels like you can never do anything else in your business. You can't craft a new course or program, you can't create that new product, you can't work on your sales funnel, you can't work on your marketing, you can't even just do admin because you're always working on content, right?

That cycle stops now because today, I am giving you the solution to get that time and it’s called batching.

Batching will take the time pressure off because it allows you to be so much more productive as you get more done in less time. It allows you to work wisely and efficiently, so that you can get your stuff done quickly, thoroughly, and in a specific amount of time. By using this approach, you will free up time to work on your zone of genius – the parts of your business that only you can do. The things that light you up and make this whole business thing fun.

The Secret to Successful Batching

The key to successful batching is identifying the steps in your process and batching similar activities together. Let’s go back to the content creation example to illustrate the method. Let’s say your content is a weekly blog. What are the steps in your process? Step 1 might be brainstorming your content ideas. Step 2 could be doing research on the topics, Step 3 the actual writing, Step 4 the editing and Step 5 the publishing.

Instead of spending every day on an endless hamster wheel of doing one of these steps, you can break the pattern by batching. It could look like this:

Week 1

Monday – brainstorm 4 topic ideas (30 minutes)

Tuesday - research 2 topics (1 hour)

Wednesday – research 2 more topics (1 hour)

Thursday – write blogs 1&2 (2 hours)

Friday – write blogs 3&4 (2 hours)


Week 2

Monday – edit all 4 blogs (2hours)

Tuesday – upload blogs to online platform and schedule (30 minutes)

Wednesday – write 4 newsletters (2 hours)

Thursday – create any supporting graphics (1 hour)

Friday – prepare all supporting social media to drive views (2 hours)


In 2 weeks, you will have completely produced 4 weeks of content leaving you 2 WEEKS to work on anything else. And when you come back to content creation, you will be refreshed and enthusiastic to create new content instead of burned out from always doing the same thing. How does that sound?

Let’s look at another example. If you do a weekly podcast, you can have a day to interview guests, a day to do your show notes, a day to do your intros, a day to do your production, etc. The key to successful batching is breaking down your process and then grouping activities together.

In fact, I’m batching right now. You know that I am always transparent with you! This blog is part of my weekly vlog that supports the videos I shoot. The video above is part of a 4-video batch. I just changed my tops and jewelry and then filmed one after another. I allocated a two-hour block to record the four videos. That is one month of content.

I then spent one day doing all my editing and production, another few days preparing the written blogs (!) that accompany the videos and another day writing the newsletters. Preparing in advance and batching has saved me weeks to work on other things and to just have some well deserved fun.


How could this free time work for you?

You could spend it working on your business instead of in your business. You could give yourself the space to work on a launch, create a new programme, do market research or catch up on all your admin. What did I do with my extra time? I spent it partying in Mallorca celebrating my monumental birthday. All this by using batching to work more efficiently.

If that sounds good to you, then let me know in the comments below what you could batch to make a big difference to the way you spend your time? I look forward to hearing your ideas!

Committed to your success,


Marina x

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