Batch Like a Boss

Oct 18, 2021

Ready for a hard truth?

No one is going to buy from you if they don’t know you. Fact.

That is why consistency is so important. It is one of your greatest tools in building the know, like and trust factor – the magical state where fans become buyers. But here’s the thing:

While consistency is the key to getting results…it can be totally exhausting, right?

Let’s look at content creation for an example of how this can play out. In an ideal world, let’s assume you’re creating weekly content to nurture the relationships that you worked so hard to acquire while list building. You know that it’s the best way to convert leads into buyers. That means a weekly blog, video, live, podcast, etc. And a weekly newsletter leading people to consume this quality content. So far so good.

But, if you follow this approach, it can feel like all you are ever doing is producing content. As soon as you finish writing your blog, you think, “oh my God,...

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What Social Media Platform Is Best for Your Business?

Jul 12, 2021

How would you like to know exactly WHAT to post, WHEN and HOW often?


I’m sorry to say that I don’t have a simple answer for you. That unicorn doesn’t exist. There is no ONE solution because it all depends so much on the needs and interests of your audience. However, it is true that posting on social media is a critical part of any online business. It helps you to:


  • Add value to your community
  • Build relationships with your ICA
  • Be “top of mind” and seen as the go-to source in your niche
  • Get your content in front of new people
  • Remind your audience of valuable content they may have missed


But before you dive into the ultimate social posting strategy, you first need to figure out what social platform is going to work best for you and your business.


Let’s start with what social media platform you use the most. Is it Facebook? Instagram? LinkedIn? Pinterest? Those are my favourites, but my teenage kids wouldn’t be...

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Want To Get Married on the First Date? Neither Do Your Clients

Jul 07, 2021

Have you heard of “Married at First Sight”?


It’s a TV show where couples meet for the first time on their wedding day. Can you imagine? Personally, the idea horrifies me!


My husband and I have been married for 22 years and I love him very much. But I can tell you right now, that it took a lot of wooing, dating and time spent together before I built up the trust to properly let him in and commit to a lifetime together.


Your clients feel the same way.


That may sound extreme, and you are not asking anyone to commit for life, but asking people to buy from you is a big commitment. Chances are that a stranger won’t buy from you on the back of a Facebook ad, a Live or a Webinar if they’ve never heard of you before. That’s why building the Know, Like Trust factor is critical to attracting engaged fans that buy.


You may have heard this term before, or maybe not, but it is the key ingredient in converting followers into...

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The Secret to Success: Committing to Yourself

Jun 29, 2021

On a scale of 1 to 10, how important is keeping a doctor’s appointment for you?

How about an appointment with your kid’s teacher? A work meeting?

Ok, on a scale of 1 to 10, how important is it to keep an appointment with yourself? Don’t know what I mean? I’m talking about the time you put aside to work on your new content, or to do admin, or write an email sequence, or meditate, or exercise, or paint – get the idea?

Here’s the problem. While the answer to the first set of questions is probably 8-10, the value we often place on keeping a commitment to ourselves drops down to 3-5. Instead of respecting our own time, we end up saying things like "You know what? I don't need to do that I could do something else. This other thing has come up and it's really important." There could be an important fire that you need to put out, or there could be a 50% sale on Lululemon that you feel compelled to check out, either way, the work you had planned to do...

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7 Simple Steps to Reboot 2021

Jun 22, 2021

Can you believe we’re halfway through 2021? I can’t speak for the rest of the world, but we are only now starting to see anything close to normal here in the UK. Is it a huge relief? Yes. Did I expect this to go on so long? No.


I bring this up because the world has moved on in the last 6 months and I’m sure that you and your business have as well. Maybe there have been new opportunities. Perhaps your goals have changed. Potentially, what seemed like a good idea in January no longer looks like the best way forward. Or maybe, you crushed it on a launch or a workshop and you want to do more of the same. All good reasons to look at how the last 6 months have gone, check in with what went right and what didn’t, and course correct if necessary.


As a Business Coach who helps online business owners simplify their marketing strategy to get engaged clients that buy, I find this exercise critical in my own planning. It’s so important to be able to...

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Say Goodbye to Ms. Imposter Syndrome

Jun 07, 2021

How many times have you been working on a project, feeling motivated and making progress, when Ms. Imposter Syndrome pays a visit? You know what I’m talking about, right? That voice in your head that starts second-guessing you. The one that says, "This work isn't any good. No one is going to be interested and no one will ever buy your stuff! Everyone's going to know that you don't know what you’re talking about," and so on. Has this ever happened to you?

If so, it ends today because we’re going to put that nasty voice back in her box!

I want to ask you something: Would you ever speak to a friend the way you speak to yourself when you do this? Of course you wouldn’t. Because you have a big heart and want to help people, that’s why you’re so passionate about your business. If you wouldn’t speak to others that why, then why do it to yourself? You deserve your own kindness and your own respect. You’ve worked hard and you owe it to yourself...

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Craft a Winning Client Journey

Jun 01, 2021

To attract your dream clients, you need to begin at the end.

Some people call it reverse engineering, but whatever name you give it, creating a simple and logical customer journey for your future clients begins with the sale and ends with the first point of contact. This may sound backwards, but it’s the best way to create a positive experience for your dream clients and build the know, like trust factor with them along the way.

Here's the thing. One of the most frequent questions I get asked is where to find clients. “Oh my God, I don’t know where to find my customers. Where are they hiding?” Once you put in the effort to discover your ICA (Ideal Client Avatar – click here to find out how) you will know how to create your messaging, get your copy right and speak to your customers where they are.  But after doing all these things to attract the right people into your world, the people that you connect with, the people that you can really help...

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Finding Your Dream Clients

May 24, 2021

Where can I find people to buy from me?

This is probably the #1 question I get asked and rightly so! We need people to serve. We want to find people who will interact with our content, learn, grow and share. We also want them to buy, right?

It all begins with your ICA, your Ideal Customer Avatar. You may have heard this term thrown around and it might have confused you, but basically, this is ONE person, your dream client. Depending on where you are in your journey this person is either made-up, representing your vision of an ideal client, or is based on a real person or combination of real people you’ve worked with before.

If you haven't worked with people yet, or not with people you want to work with, then your ICA can be a made-up person representing your dream client. This is a great starting point. But here's the thing, it needs to be just one person. I know this idea is really hard to take on board when you are starting out because you want to serve everyone. You don't...

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Celebrate Your Wins!

May 17, 2021

Are you missing parties and celebrations at the moment? We’re almost out of lockdown here in the UK, but I just celebrated another child’s party quietly and I am ready to CELEBRATE LOUDLY!


In fact, I have a really BIG celebration coming up this summer. If you can believe it (I can’t!) I will be 50 and I plan to be celebrating with friends in Mallorca! Sounds amazing, right? Now I’m not telling you this to make you jealous, but to remind you of how hopeful and exciting celebrations can feel. While parties are usually something that most of us are comfortable celebrating, how about a shout out to the smaller day to day things that lead to the bigger successes in our lives and our businesses?


What’s that? You don’t have time to celebrate those kinds of wins? Well my friend, today I want to share why it’s critical to make time for this because it’s critical to your business success.


I want to explain this with a...

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Let’s Talk About the C Word

May 10, 2021

No, not that C word. I actually want to talk to you about three C words today and they’re CRITICAL to the success of your website and your business. That was another one!


I don’t have to tell you that it’s 2021. The year after the global pandemic that we all just spent online. One thing I have found is that while having a website has always been important, now it’s more important than ever. Why? Because when you’re serving people online, your website is usually the first point of contact where people go to find out who you are, what you do and how you can help them. But in order to be successful, your website needs to do 3 things:


Confirm who you are

Capture your dream client’s name and email address

Convert them into paying clients


That’s quite a few C words! Let’s break them down and see why they’re so important.




What’s the first thing you do when you want to find out about a...

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